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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The 9 Sexiest Spring Haircuts

Jennifer Aniston's One-Length Bob

WHY IT WORKS: Aniston's hairstylist Chris McMillan gave her a face-framing bob, cutting hair shorter in the back and longer in the front. The angled effect makes the cut modern, not too blunt or overly layered.

HOW TO GET IT: Ask for an angled bob that starts at the nape of the neck and follows your jaw line. Keep the ends one length, and go easy on the layers.

Jessica Alba's Punky Bob

WHY IT WORKS "The length flatters her face shape and the longer layers give it a sexy feel," said her hairstylist Robert Ramos. "Her coppery highlights also bring out the softness of the layers."

HOW TO GET IT "It isn't noticeable, but the back of the cut is slightly shorter than the front," Ramos said. "The length hits just above the collarbone and has long layers worked in."


Keira Knightley's Textured Bob

WHY IT WORKS "The length of her hair draws attention to her chin, while the long fringe really opens up her face," said hairstylist Michael Barnes. "The soft natural waves are also very flattering."

HOW TO GET IT "Ask for a graduated bob with longer layers through the front," Barnes said. "Take Knightley's picture to the salon with you, and be sure to ask how to get the delicate waves into your hair."


Emma Watson's Polished Pixie

WHY IT WORKS "Emma's face perfectly suits a short style like this," said hairstylist Rodney Cutler, who cut Emma's hair. "It's a tailored style that really brings out her natural beauty."

HOW TO GET IT "Ask your stylist for a rounded layered technique—the hair should hug the shape of your head, and should be blunt, not choppy," said Cutler.

Kelly Rowland's Side-swept Crop

WHY IT WORKS "This asymmetrical cut accentuates Kelly's high cheekbones, while drawing attention to her smile," said her hairstylist, the Atlanta-based Paula Britt. "Her highlights also complement her bronzed complexion."

HOW TO GET IT "Ask for an extreme asymetrical cut that's tapered toward the crown—and don't forget highlights!" Britt said.

Rachel McAdams's Bouncy Layers

WHY IT WORKS McAdams's mane man, Sebastian's Thomas Dunkin, says this cut creates volume and texture all on its own. "The long layers and mid-length bangs also make it perfect for someone who is growing out their hair," he said.

HOW TO GET IT "Ask for a collarbone-length cut with long layers and an angled fringe," advised Dunkin.

Diane Kruger's Full Layers

WHY IT WORKS "Diane has fine hair, and the slight layering on the ends make it appear fuller," said her hairstylist, Remington's Richard Marin.

HOW TO GET IT "Have your hair cut blunt on the ends, then slightly layered—nothing major—to add some movement," Marin said. "Blow-dry your hair with an ionic dryer, using a boar-bristle round brush to maximize shine and volume."

Olivia Wilde's Airy Bangs

WHY IT WORKS Wilde has a strong jaw, which is softened by the wispy, face-framing layers. Long, airy bangs draw attention to the eyes.

HOW TO GET IT Ask for eyebrow-grazing bangs that are tapered at the corners, and angled layers starting from the chin down.

Rose Byrne's Rounded Fringe

WHY IT WORKS "It's a dramatic look, but because Byrne has such healthy, shiny hair, the cut makes a statement," according to her hairstylist John Frieda's Harry Josh.

HOW TO GET IT Ask for full bangs that start near the top of your head and are rounded to frame your eyes. Request a blunt, shoulder-length cut but have the front feathered on the ends.

Ada yang berkenan tak....hmmmmm mesti ada.  Walaupun kita bertudung, penampilan mesti juga dijaga.  Suami pun nak tengok jugak kan, selain untuk kepuasan diri sendiri.

Cubalah, mesti berpuas hati.

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